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A List of the Best Gin tours and Tastings Near Padstow

A List of the Best Gin tours and Tastings Near Padstow

Gin has seen a huge and very fast growth in popularity in recent years. Many distributors have seen incredible change in the consumption of gin with many calling it a ‘ginaissance’! Amazingly, in the period between 2016-18, the consumption of gin the UK DOUBLED!

Are you a gin fan?

You’re not alone. In Padstow and Cornwall we have a big following and many distilleries and tastings so we wanted to share them with you. If you’re a gin fan and a Padstow fan, you’ll be in heaven with this list.

Here’s a list of the best places to try, buy, and experience gin in Padstow and the surrounding area.


Tarquin’s Gin

Way back in 2012, Tarquin’s Gin’s founder was in London working a job that didn’t quite fit with him.

So, as you do, he decided to try and do what no one had done for 100 years and set up a new gin distillery on the Cornish coast!

100 of trials later (and some laughs and headaches all many kinds) and Tarquin’s had their 12 gins for retail all ready to go. Famed for their small batch distilling, Tarquin’s first sale was right here in Cornwall and now you can experience this dream come true in their gin.

Join the team on their gin tour of their self-proclaimed ‘humble distillery’ and experience what goes into this ever-popular tipple.

Find out more here


The Little Gin Shack

This is a great little place to visit if you’re a Cornish gin fan - or even if you’re not. The Little Gin Shack stock the best from the surrounding area but they also have some big names in stock too. You can try before you buy, and you’re even encouraged to try and mix your very own flavour!

Bottling and tasting notes are found on every bottle and if you fall in love with any of them you can order them online when you get home!

Find out more here


Trevethan Distillery

Gin is made using botanicals and Trevethan Distillery are proud to source theirs from the surrounding Cornish area as they have done since 1920. Hand-crafted in traditional copper-alembic, each batch is given real care and attention and has helped Trevethan become a big name from the Cornish coast.

“The essence of the Cornish hedgerows” awaits…

Find out more here.


Caspyn Distillery

Another distillery born from a thought in London, Caspyn Distillery has two well-known gins; a classic dry and a cucumber-infused gin. They also have some exciting additions that they bring out during different seasons. The Damson gin and summer cup are well worth a taste!

There are no tastings here, but they do have some fabulous recipes to try.

Find out more here.


Curio’s Spirits Company

Curio is produced in Mullion, deep in west Cornwall. With gin and vodka on show here you’ll be able to please even the non-gin fan in your life. Curio (as the name suggests) is aiming to create and share more curious drinks that push the boundaries and offer gins and vodkas with flavours you’ve not experienced before. This place is far from traditional and worth a visit to change your view on the norm.

Find out more here.



Founder of Tinkture, Hannah has always been keen to know what she’s eating and consuming, and like many of us she paid special attention to what went into her food. But she realised that she wasn’t paying attention to those drinks on a night out and that led to a journey to discovery and one that set-up and created Tinkture.

Their gins are made with the finest and always organic ingredients to give the best taste and her aim is to ‘clean up alcohol’.

Find out more here.

From the coast to the glass…

So much of what you can buy and experience down here in Padstow and the surrounding area is grown and created right here. It’s a great area that uses the wealth of ingredients and skills we have on our doorstep.

If you’re a gin lover then you have a lot to choose from or if you’re a wine lover then check out our review of the wineries and tastings available in Padstow, too.

Looking to stay in Padstow? We have some wonderful places to choose from right here.


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