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Food Workshops and Cookery Courses in Padstow to try in 2019

Food Workshops and Cookery Courses in Padstow to try in 2019

There are so many reasons to come and stay in Padstow.

Reasons to love the place include the walks, the incredible food, the sea air, and of course the stunning Cornish coast, views, harbours, beaches, and more. Padstow has a lot to offer you for a weekend or a longer stay.

One of the well-known facts about Padstow is that it’s awash with great food and that the restaurants down here are fantastic. We’ve shared a quite a few of our favourite restaurants in Padstow in the blog recently.

This week we want to talk about the fabulous schools, workshops, and cookery courses in Padstow. 

If you’re a foodie, then Padstow is like all your Christmasses coming at once. The choice of food options is vast. From the obvious fish courses to fine dining, and the café culture,  Padstow rocks for eating out.

Fancy a go at creating something yourself?

Let’s take a look at the food courses and cookery workshops on offer in Padstow.


Rick Stein’s school and courses

With 12 restaurants, bars, and cafés in the south-east of England, Rick certainly has made his mark on the area. His famous restaurants which include The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow are well known for their quality, so it makes sense that he’s also showing us how to rustle up something delicious ourselves.

Situated on the Camel Estuary, the Rick Stein Cookery School offers you a great range of cooking classes. From fish to baking and even game, the options and dates are well laid out with choices to suit almost all types of cooks.

Initially opened to give chefs ‘more intense training’ the cookery school is now constantly full, and most chefs now don’t get a look in! Book nice and early.

Find out more here.


Paul Ainsworth workshops and courses

‘Padstein’ is what some people in the food industry use to describe Padstow! Rick’s hold on the area seemed to be unrivalled for some time. But since the arrival of Paul Ainsworth and partner Emma, there’s been some very healthy competition as the pair have taken on more venues in the area.

Well known for their flagship restaurant, No 6, the dynamic pair with cooking flair are opening a cookery school in spring 2019.

The Ainsworths announced that they were taking over Mariners Public House in Rock, before opening a new cookery school and chef’s table, Mahé. Although at the time of writing this you can’t yet book, the cookery school is already something to talk about in the area.

The new choice is a welcome competition to the Stein empire and gives us another avenue and style for learning to cook like the best! Opening in Spring 2019.

Find out more here.


The Journeyman Restaurant & Cookery School

And now for something… completely different.

Padstow is of course renowned for its fish and seafood restaurants and the cookery courses reflect that too. But there’s one restaurant that bucks that trend and it’s been voted in the top 50 to eat curry in the UK! Not only that, but The Journeyman Restaurant is also rumoured to be the only non-Indian restaurant to feature in the Cobra Good Curry Guide!

Padstow’s favourite curry house (according the Trip Advisor) is also a cookery school that shows and teaches you why your home-cooked curries are never quite as good as those you get when you’re out in places like the Journeyman. That’s the secret we all want to know!

Learn from the excellent team how to create wonderful curry and get a great meal in the process. You can find them in the historic Saint's Way in Mellingey, which is a short five-minute drive from Padstow.

Find out more here.


Nathan Outlaw foodie events

Originally from Kent, Nathan Outlaw trained as a chef and fell in love with seafood. Of course, the calling from Cornwall and Padstow was very strong.

Although ‘The Outlaws’ also have restaurants in London and Dubai no less, our favourites are right here in Cornwall. You can call us biased if you like.

They have two restaurants and a pub in Cornwall: Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac, and The Mariners public house in Rock.

A successful author and trainer to other chefs, Nathan doesn’t run courses as such but with the Outlaw brand they do put on events in the area and the recent charity dinner at Coombeshead Farm is just one of the events they create. Keep an eye on the events tab of their website for more info and if you can’t wait for that, check out their restaurants and pubs instead.

Find out more here.


Jamie Oliver foodie events

If you’re looking for exceptional views and food then Fifteen Cornwall, owned by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver is a must. Although Jamie’s restaurants have had some ‘interesting’ press in the past, we’ve always found Fifteen Cornwall to offer a great meal and experience and we still think it’s one to try when you’re down here.

Jamie’s restaurant doesn’t offer courses or workshops but they do the odd event and it’s worth checking out the dates for the next ones to see if your stay down here coincides with any of them. Or… you could of course book your stay in Padstow around their next event!

Find out more here.


Food, fun, and learning – Padstow is the gift that keeps on giving

Padstow and the Cornish coast are a fabulous place to come and stay if you’re into your seafood and fine dining. Why not come down, enjoy the food, sights, and all Padstow has to offer - and then learn how to cook like the best for yourself?

There are always other events, festivals, and more happening in the area too. You’re sure to find something for you even if cookery school isn’t for you. If it is though, or it is for someone you known then get yourself a stay booked and come and soak up the atmosphere in Padstow.

Need help booking your stay in Padstow? Contact us now and we’ll help you make the right choice for you.

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