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What Can You Do On A Weekend Break In Padstow?

What Can You Do On A Weekend Break In Padstow?

On the beautiful North coast of Cornwall lies the harbour town of Padstow. This charming seaside town may be small, but it’s bursting with character and there’s plenty to do and enjoy. From the pubs, walks, surf, and golden-sandy beaches to the world-famous fish and chips, there’s something here for everyone. If you’re looking for things to do on your weekend away in Padstow, this handy little list is the best place to start. Without further ado…


Head to the beach

If there’s one thing Cornwall isn’t short of its beaches - world-renowned beaches - and Padstow is no different. In fact, Padstow is home to seven of Cornwall’s finest (known to natives as the “seven bays for seven days”), with each beach no more than a five-minute drive from the other, almost as if the locals themselves told God where to place them!

From its most southerly beach, Porthcothan to Trevone Bay in the north, Padstow’s coastline is absolutely beautiful. With long stretches of golden sand and water so turquoise it arouses suspicion, if it weren’t the lack of palm trees, you’d have thought you’d landed in the tropics. Whether you’re visiting in summer or winter, Padstow’s beaches always deliver.  


Hit the shops

When it comes to taking in the local culture, it’s not all about beaches, castles, and food. Part and parcel of Padstow’s charm are the independent stores selling Cornish art, crafts, trinkets, and much more. You could easily fill a whole day of your weekend away dipping in and out of the village’s shops, but there’s even more to see.

Why not pop your head inside one of the many art galleries in and around Padstow? Besides, it’d be rude not to take a little slice home with you. And when your legs need a rest, you can take yourself back to one of our luxury self-catered properties for a spot of tea. Wonderful. 


Wine, dine, and dine some more

Aside from its beaches, another thing Padstow is famous for is its food. Cornish pasties, real ale pubs, fish and chips, amazing seafood, and even Michelin Star wineries, this place is a culinary utopia. And of course, you can’t talk Cornish food without mentioning one of the county’s greatest exports, celebrity chef Rick Stein.

But if for some reason you’re bored of being on the receiving end of the plate, you could always try getting hands-on. Padstow is awash with workshops and courses for budding cooks, and there’re plenty of wine tasting tours for you to lose yourself on. Treat yourself and make some special memories during your weekend away.


Go sightseeing

Surrounded by lush countryside and home to a stretch of coastline its inland neighbours would kill for, Padstow is spoilt rotten for pretty views. In short, you’d be silly not to go for a wander.

You could take a ferry across the River Camel and over to Rock, a small upmarket village resort once a favourite retreat for holidaying royals. While you’re at sea, why not seize the opportunity to mingle with the local wildlife? Padstow Sealife Safaris offer trips almost year-round. If history is your thing, Cornwall is abundant with castles. A trip to the magnificent St Michael’s mount, a tidal island home to a towering medieval castle might be just the ticket (although, there are closer alternatives). And if all of the above fall short, simply go for a stroll. Padstow is your oyster. 

So there are some initial ideas for you in our beginner’s guide to Padstow.

But that’s not even the half of it, and we’d encourage you to stay in Cornwall for longer than a weekend to take it all in.

Padstow Breaks have luxury properties available across the whole of Padstow, so you’ll always have a place to stay. To get help finding the place to stay, contact us today.

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