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Why is Padstow So Popular?

Why is Padstow So Popular?

Padstow is becoming an increasingly popular place to get away from it all. With the recent uncertainty with travel to Europe, the ‘staycation’ has seen a rise in popularity.

Padstow has so many reasons for its popularity. We were chatting with someone recently who asked us why it was so popular, and we couldn’t stop coming up with ideas on why it was. So, we thought we’d share them with you on the blog…


1. Fresh air

With all the smog and bad air with city living, this has to feature on our list. You can just see the sigh (and breaths) of relief when people arrive in Padstow. The air quality here is so much better and we all know how important that is for our health.


2. Picturesque

The scenery in Padstow is so beautiful and unmatched anywhere in the UK that when you see it, you want more of it. We have a high return rate of customers who stay with us in Padstow because of the beauty of the area. Sea views, harbour sights, and historic buildings and more give you the perfect feast for your eyes


3. Friendly atmosphere

The people here are so friendly and welcoming. The cafes, bars, and restaurants really do make you feel like you’re sat at home. ‘Our place is your place’ seems to be the motto in Padstow - and that makes for a perfect holiday or weekend break.


4. Traditional

In this high-tech world, it’s nice to get back to basics and be at one with yourself. Padstow very much encourages you to do that with its traditional harbour and lifestyle. The buildings, industry, food and more are still very much a moment in time.


5. Padstow history

Looking to get back to your roots or learn about others? There’s more to visiting Padstow than just ice cream and boat trips. The history here runs deep, and there are some fabulous ways to learn all about the early days of Padstow and how it all came about.


6. Lifestyle

The lifestyle here is relaxed, friendly, and there’s still enough bustle and excitement where you want it. There’s a real alfresco style with a friendly twist. The weather and sea air all add to this idyllic lifestyle and once you’ve been once you’ll want to come back regularly. 


7. Fantastic seafood

We’ve shared some of the best seafood restaurants in Padstow before, and this is easy to do because there’s so much choice. Many of the top fish chefs in the country have made Padstow their second or main base as the harbour town is simply built for it!


8. Relaxing

What you really want in life is a bit of peace, right? Somewhere to wind down and relax. Life is hectic, but Padstow is not. You can feel the busy world almost disappearing from your tailpipe as you drive into Padstow to park up and be at one with yourself again.


9. Fantastic walks

There’s nothing better than a good walk to blow away the cobwebs, and Padstow has so many of them for you to choose from. Walks in Padstow range from short and sweet to long and winding, and many will involve a drink in some of the fabulous pubs along the way. Perfect.


10. Centred around working harbour

The harbour brings with it so much to see, feel, and hear. Sitting in the harbour puts you right at the centre of the action, but in a place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the people watching if you want to.


11. Fishing boats

There’s something very therapeutic about sitting and watching the boats come in and out of the harbour. There’s always been a lovely atmosphere here when boats to come in and the fishermen finally relax after a day’s fishing and this is still very much the case today.


12. No car required!

At last… you can rest and hang up those car keys for a while. No road rage, no traffic, no diversions, just you, your feet and wherever you want to go. You can visit Rock, Polzeath, and Wadebridge without a car and all of Padstow is in walking distance.


13. Weather

The weather here is often better than in most of the UK. The sun will shine and the light is simply enviable. Looking for some UK summer sun? Padstow is a safer bet than most of the UK!


14. Food

We’re not going to lie; the food here is sublime. We have Michelin Star restaurants, fine dining, and good honest traditional pub food, and more. The eating out culture here has something for everyone - and the quality is exceptional!


15. Drink

Cheers! Gin, wine, real ale, cocktails… we have it all here. From fine wines to local gins and more the party atmosphere is strong in Padstow. Real ales after your long walks are recommended and the local cafes also serve some superb coffee, too.


16. Beach

What holiday is complete without a beach? In Padstow you have so many in a close proximity you might well struggle to visit them all.

With 20 dog-friendly beaches in and around Padstow, your four-legged friend will love it, too!


17. Pubs

If you love a good pub then you’ll love Padstow. We have some old and traditional pubs that date back as far as the 1600s. With St Austell Ales nearby we also have some very high quality real ale pub in Padstow, too!


18. Art

If you’re interested in art then you’ll love the art scene in Padstow. With galleries and exhibitions galore, there’s always something going on for the art lovers in Padstow. Here are eight crafty things to do when you come to Padstow.


19. Cookery courses

Fancy learning to cook while you’re in this wonderfully culinary town? There are loads of cookery courses on in the town as many have chosen Padstow as their home for teaching cooking skills, Paul Ainsworth’s cookery school being one of the most well-known.


20. Easily accessible as North Cornwall

It’s also really easy to get here, too. Travelling to Padstow might take a while from the far reaches of the UK, but it’s a lovely trip and oh so worth it when you get here!

Padstow – the perfect break for all the family…

Looking for a break that will truly leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed? Let’s have a chat!

We have some stunning properties set close to the harbour and right in the middle of all the wonderment that is Padstow.

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